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We are a advertising company that combines all forms of digital advertising to target individuals in REAL-TIME, looking for products and services, In our case its for individuals looking for BITCOIN and FOREX services

Intent Data

Data that is collected from ‘web users’ observed behaviour – specifically web content consumption – that provides insights into their interests and from this indicate potential intent to take an action.


Whilst we may dabble in the FX market place, Our focus is putting FX companies in front of a targeted audience, who are in REAL-TIME actively looking for Promotions, products and services, from the Forex experts, we have millions of users searching across the web.


The cookie pool is made of all visitors who have been cookied during a visit on a website in our network of 70,000 sites! we can therefore re-targeting them as we know what they have been looking for. Its exactly like Amazon and Netflix:
Because you liked A you night like B.
We just focus on FX traders!

Why China?


We have a prominent research team, introduce leading immense data research methods in the field of advertising technology, and developed. This technique permits China’s largest Internet user behaviour data, patented on its audience analysis model, and ad optimisation algorithm. We drive programmatic ad buying on Desktop, video, and mobile as well as cross-screen of these three.


Many of our competitors simply cannot afford to run CPA campaigns, they need to monetise what inventory they have and its premium, so every body wants in.
We have both Premium and a lot of impressions.
We boast a staggering 860 million target-able users.


Our network is a multi-dimensional data platform that contains more than 6000 active audience labels, this helps advertisers identify target audiences based on their demographics, interests and purchase intention, to name a few.

We focus on keywords being match: Forex, Finance,  Trading, Stocks, and shares etc


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